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Wood Maker - STG Timber

To explore the beauty of nature


STG Timber Floor was founded in 2005. We emphasise precision in production and have a passion for innovative designs. We are an award-winning company with the reputation of providing quality timber flooring that exceeds the demands of builders, architects, interior designers and residential consumers...

Cozy Bedroom with Elegant Wooden Flooring


Multi-layer timber flooring with hardwood veneer gives the natural beauty and look to the floor


Our products are 100% waterproof, highly durable, easy-to-maintain floor and can stand up to busy households with pets, children and other daily activities

Aged Timber Floors

We offer aged surface textures in Aged Plank Antique Knotting Hill & Shrunk. Each with a unique and powerful character of its own preserving the natural beauty of the timber

Pattern & Panel

STG also offers Bespoke size and colouring options in Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles and other square panel patterns in T&G

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